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Podcast: Coronavirus, financial contagion and volatility
The coronavirus crisis has highlighted infrastructure companies’ ‘social license to operate’ . The global lockdown has reminded us which services are essential for society to function at its most basic level, as we have all retreated into our own homes. Our basic needs come down to having the w...
Formerly known as CFSGAM. We continue on our path to research-driven, global, active investment management. Curious first investing.
The Japan equity market underwent significant volatility in the first quarter due to the coronavirus pandemic and concerns about its impact on the global economy. The sell-off was indiscriminate and across all sectors, with little differentiation between the higher quality, well-managed compa...
For infrastructure companies, looking after all stakeholders is a fundamental part of honouring their social license to operate. How companies behave, especially during challenging times, gives tremendous insight into their overall commitment to social responsibility. In this video, Rebecca M...
Video: Infrastructure - the good, the bad and the ugly
A tale of two sectors
First State Stewart Asia believe the best companies can typically be found among the leading consumer, financial or industrial companies in the less developed parts of the world. Here the team reflect on some investments made in emerging markets, including India, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Chi...
Physical risks of climate change The physical risks of climate change whitepaper. Centre for climate and energy solutions: Extreme Weather and Climate Change: Understanding the Link and Managing the Risk 2015 Corporate Adaption Survey European Commissions Joint Research Centre Projection of...
Climate change is causing a wide range of physical impacts which have serious implications for investors and businesses. Below is a brief summary of the 'The Physical Impacts of Climate Change Whitepaper - the first in a five part series.
Climate change is causing a wide range of physical impacts which have serious implications for investors and businesses. Below is a brief summary of 'The Physical Impacts of Climate Change Whitepaper' - the first in a five part series.
Investing in emerging markets debt and Asian fixed income offers the potential for strong returns, an attractive income stream and diversification benefits versus developed markets.
Learn how our investment team delivers capital growth and inflation-protected income by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of infrastructure securities.
Investing to create change in the energy sector is needed in order to reduce emissions over the long term.
People are shunning air travel in parts of Europe, particularly Scandinavia, due to the emissions it generates. Numerous studies point to travel by plane as one of the most emissions intensive modes of travel. For context, aviation carbon dioxide emissions only account for ~2.5% of global emissions.
Listed infrastructure has offered investors attractive risk-adjusted returns and lower correlations to traditional asset classes. This outcome has been achieved by providing effective downside protection during periods of equity market weakness.
The essential service nature and large environmental footprints of infrastructure assets make sustainability considerations a vital part of doing business. Here Global Listed Infrastructure Securities Portfolio Manager Rebecca Sherlock breaks down what sustainability means for the asset managemen...
Latest investment insights from First State Investments (known as Colonial First State in Australia) delivered through articles, fund updates and press coverage.
Despite the extraordinary events since its launch in June 2007 – including the Global Financial Crisis, volatile commodity prices, and political upheaval in many parts of the world – the strategy has delivered strong, consistent returns through a focus on valuation, quality and active management.
Here CFSGAM Head of Global Listed Infrastructure Peter Meany interviews Transurban CEO Scott Charlton about the technology fuelling the roads of the future – and tells us why this is great news for investors.
Insulation from the effects of inflation is a key objective for many investors and global listed infrastructure has delivered returns in excess of inflation over the long term. But passively investing in this asset class does not guarantee a hedge to inflation.
With a sustainable yield of 5% growing at 5-8% per annum, Transurban is a stock to own through the cycle. Global Head of Listed Infrastructure, Peter Meany, tells Livewire why.
The North American railroad sector continues to undergo transformational change, but the execution is not without risk. These companies are overhauling what have been described as ‘dense spaghetti networks’. Find out more from Global Listed Infrastructure Senior Analyst Jessica Johnson, who shar...
"What we do well by being global is recognising trends that are happening in one part of the world, and seeing that as an opportunity in another part." Peter Meany, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, discusses global trends in infrastructure assets with Graham Hand from FirstLinks.
After many years of strong investment returns, 2018 was unfavourable for investors. The global listed infrastructure asset class [1] declined 4.0% in US dollar terms in 2018, outperforming the 8.7% fall by global equities [2] but lagging the 1.2% decline from global bonds [3]. Andrew Greenup, Dep...
The listed infrastructure sector in North America contains many world leading assets, operated by world class companies - and it's growing - with over US$50 billion in assets being added to the asset class.
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking completes acquisition of Colonial First State Global Asset Management
We invest in Japan today for its quality infrastructure assets, attractive valuations, under geared balance sheets and increasing focus on shareholder returns.
Read about the latest insights into share investment strategy, multi asset strategies, long term investment strategies and much more.
Our Global Listed Infrastructure team combines specialised knowledge and skills with a disciplined investment process to deliver long term capital growth and inflation protected income by investing in the shares of companies around the world that own or operate infrastructure assets.
Florida is home to world leading infrastructure companies. The US state offers investors exposure to strong demographics, pro-business politics and sensible regulation. Sunshine State is more than just a reference to the weather.
Global Listed Infrastructure Portfolio Manager Edmund Leung investigates the structural trends and disruption impacting infrastructure in Europe and the US.
Japan is starting to deliver some volume expansion. Port volumes turned positive for the first time in two years. Rail and airport volumes are robust and will receive a boost from the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics.
Leaving a hot Australian summer I flew into a cold European winter to spend a week researching infrastructure. Following is a brief summary meant to provide an insight into a day in the life of a global listed infrastructure investor.
The US economy has recovered from the 2015 ‘industrial recession’, energy markets are resurgent and Trump has inspired consumer and corporate confidence – it feels like these are the glory days for US infrastructure.
In this infographic, our global listed infrastructure team look at the state of infrastructure in the US and the potential impact of a Trump presidency.
Our unlisted infrastructure team invest in Brisbane Airport because they are a market-leader in sustainable operations – an approach which is increasingly critical to the long-term growth of an asset’s value. Here we explain how some small sustainable changes can add up for an asset’s valuation.
Peter Meany, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure Securities and Andrew Greenup, Deputy Head of Global Listed Infrastructure provide an update on the fund's performance throughout the fourth quarter, 2016.
Andrew Greenup, Deputy Head of Global Listed Infrastructure Securities, Rebecca Sherlock, Portfolio Manager and Jessica Johnson, Senior Analyst provide an update on the fund's performance throughout the second quarter, 2017.
With direct property valuations peaking, investors are searching for new ways to invest for growth. The continued adoption of the internet has been very strong globally, with a current estimated 3.4 billion internet users and over 2 billion smart phone accounts.
Alternative managers are continuing to see increased interest from traditionally conservative clients and it seems infrastructure is the hottest ticket in town.
Here we look at Global Listed Infrastructure Securities trends over the past decade - and what the next decade may hold.
In recent years we have been hearing a great deal about digital ‘disruption” and how it has been re-shaping the global economy and the society we live in. But are we focusing too much on the digital drivers and not enough on other areas of disruption across the economy?