Specialist in Asia Pacific, Japan, China, India and South East Asia and Global Emerging Market equities.

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At Stewart Investors, we believe in putting people first. Our investment world-view is of a series of partnerships – with each other, with our clients, with the companies we invest in, the people who buy their goods and services, and with the wider society in which we all live and work.

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Leader in systematic equities across market cap weighted indices, smart beta and active quantitative strategies

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Worldwide Leaders Sustainability

The Worldwide Leaders Sustainability strategy

The Worldwide Leaders Sustainability strategy launched in November 2013 and transitioned to the Sustainable Funds Group in October 2016. The strategy invests in 40-60 high-quality global companies that are particularly well positioned to benefit from and contribute to sustainable development.

Leaders simply means that this strategy is focused on companies with a market cap value of at least USD3 billion.

Strategy highlights: A focus on quality and sustainability

  • Companies must contribute to sustainable development and make a net-positive impact to a more sustainable future 

  • We invest in high-quality companies with exceptional cultures, strong franchises and resilient financials

  • We avoid companies linked to harmful activities and engage and vote for positive change 

  • Our approach is long-term, bottom-up, high conviction and benchmark agnostic

  • We focus on capital preservation as well as capital growth – we define risk as the permanent loss of client capital 

Responsible Investment Leader 2021

Stewart Investors has been awarded Responsible Investment Leader 2021 status by RIAA

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Stewart Investors has been recognised as a Responsible Investment Leader 2021 by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA).

This acknowledges our commitment to responsible investing; our explicit consideration of environmental, social and governance factors in investment decision making, our strong and collaborative stewardship; and our transparency in reporting activity, including the societal and environmental outcomes being achieved.

Interactive portfolio holdings

Explore how companies in our strategies are contributing to sustainable development

We believe sustainability is core to any company's business model, not an optional extra. We look for businesses whose success is tied to the social and environmental benefits they deliver, whether through the provision of basic sanitation products or advanced engineering software.

Quarterly strategy updates

Updates including portfolio changes and proxy voting for Worldwide Leaders Sustainability and more

We provide regular strategy updates including portfolio changes and proxy voting, and links to our investment rationales, latest articles, statements, webcasts and videos which explore our thinking on sustainable investment, including the challenges and issues we grapple with in our search for high-quality companies.

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