We believe individuals and teams are best placed to meet their potential by working collaboratively, particularly in today’s interlinked and fast-paced global financial markets. Therefore, we seek to systematically communicate and engage with one another to maximise value added for our clients.

In today’s fast moving and increasingly integrated world, we seek to develop sophisticated tools that help us grow to become better investors tomorrow than we are today for the benefit of our clients. More than simply a repository system, ION is a state-of-the-art, technology-based platform has been built from the ground up to support and enhance worldwide collaboration.

What is ION?

ION is our proprietary investment opinion network used to store, organise, and communicate the research and subsequent investment decisions of the Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Solutions teams located globally.

The investment content within ION spans global interest rates, currency, credit, and individual issuers in developed and emerging markets. Unique from other research warehouses, ION communicates, in real time, the investment decisions and research from our global team. ION, in effect, creates a virtual global trading floor for all portfolio managers and analysts by supporting a common language and communication framework. With a history of stored investment decisions and supporting research, investment results can be measured and reflected on with the goal of continuous improvement.

How has ION been developed?

The genesis of ION was conceived and overseen by investment professionals within the firm, with the support of dedicated software development engineers embedded within the organisation. These software developers sit beside fixed income investment professionals and possess an in-depth understanding of fixed income investments. The ION system is an intranet-based tool that connects with the firm’s software infrastructure and is available in all global locations for those with authenticated logon credentials.

How is ION utilised?

ION gives the Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Solutions team a means to collaborate, demonstrate and manage investment ideas, methods and resources. Collaboration is not just the sharing of investment ideas, but sharing of methods and practices used to arrive at investment recommendations. Collaboration allows investment professionals from one region of the world to view or invest ideas from another region or market. ION additionally allows teams the means to demonstrate how they operate their process and bring forth investment ideas within portfolios. Lastly, ION is a means to monitor investors to improve outcomes over time. With a history of stored investment decisions and supporting research, investment results can be measured and reflected upon so as to understand what worked and what did not.

What are the key features of ION?

Although ongoing investment and development means ION will evolve over time, key features include the following:

  1. Common language allows different investment process to operate as needed by a particular asset class, yet still communicate, work together, and share ideas and views. Using ION therefore does not alter how the various processes function.
  2. Applies a single approach to how views are registered, communicated, and reviewed. This allows views to be considered and compared in a consistent fashion.
  3. Allows users to tailor and design their unique informational needs including review levels and performance measurement.
  4. ION allows input and, in doing so, allows different analysts in different investment centres to monitor other views and engage where appropriate.
  5. ION provides measures of decision and research quality along with product integrity, so that team members can individually and collectively understand behaviour to become better investors tomorrow than today. Additionally, contributions can be evaluated in an objective, consistent, and transparent manner.


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