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Multi-asset Solutions – tailored portfolio solutions

  • Investment process blending quantitative analysis and qualitative experience across a broad set of markets and financial instruments
  • Objective-based portfolios designed to meet client requirements regarding liabilities, investment goals, risk perception and tolerance
  • Stable team with deep expertise through a range of market conditions

Why invest?

risk management

Multi-asset investing provides risk/return benefits that are not typically achievable by investing in a single asset class
It has been well documented that asset allocation decisions are the dominant driver of overall portfolio returns - and that investment challenges are rarely addressed with a single asset class. Multi-asset investing focuses on managing risk/return with a flexible and dynamic approach that can provide investors with a smoother return profile over a longer investment horizon.
A multi-asset portfolio’s risk/return profile can be tailored to meet individual investment needs, for example a real return-focused portfolio designed to preserve capital and generate consistent returns over the long term. We offer bespoke investment solutions across the continuum of styles demanded by our clients, from more traditional asset allocation through the investment spectrum to benchmark-unconstrained, absolute-return strategies.

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investment process

We focus on both long term fundamentals and shorter term market opportunities to meet portfolio objectives
Our investment platform has been designed to deliver on our clients’ wide-ranging requirements. In short, we invest for purpose. We believe fundamental valuations will ultimately assert themselves as the most important driver of long-term returns. As markets are not completely efficient in the short term due to investor behaviour, there are opportunities to generate additional alpha (above benchmark returns). Our investment decisions are always taken with respect to the portfolio’s overall objectives, recognising the complex linkages between short and long term. 

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Our approach

Our portfolios are truly objective-based
Traditionally, multi-asset portfolios have been managed with a ‘set-and-forget’ approach which tends to follow a particular benchmark and only adds value through underlying security selection and rebalancing. These portfolios often exhibit a close relationship with underlying financial markets, including large performance swings.
Objective-based investing seeks to overcome the limitations inherent in a traditional balanced approach. A particular outcome is targeted through a bespoke investment strategy, designed to reflect a client’s interests in terms of ambition and risk, and adopts an absolute-return mindset.
We make investment decisions with the ultimate goal of consistently delivering a particular objective or multiple objectives, while minimising the chance of failure to meet objectives. 

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Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment

Our corporate RI strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.
As global multi-asset investors, we partner with our clients to provide solutions that maximise the probability that they will achieve their investment objectives. We assess our client needs based on three key criteria: risk tolerance, investment horizon and return ambition level. We utilise third party monitoring services for our direct holdings.

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Performance and Documents

(This is not classified as a green or ESG fund in Hong Kong)

Source: First Sentier Investors 2020

Performance returns are calculated net of management fees and transaction costs. Performance returns for periods greater than one year are annualised. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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Additional Information

Investment Team

In collaboration with our clients, the multi-asset solutions (MAS) team designs and implements tailored risk-managed multi-asset portfolios. We help our clients achieve their goals through our expertise in the fields of asset allocation, portfolio management, asset/liability management, portfolio construction and risk management. We are a global team based in Singapore, Sydney and London with extensive experience working with some of the world’s largest strategic investors, pension and insurance funds and sovereign wealth funds.

Our experienced team members come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including Mathematics, Economic History and Aerospace Engineering. Each team member brings unique perspectives and collaborates across the organisation to provide solutions to our clients. Varied problems require diversity of thought and the courage to challenge conventional wisdom, traits we seek in our team members. Our portfolios are managed using a team-based approach, even though the assigned senior portfolio manager has responsibility for  asset allocation design and exposures. We further draw on the broad expert specialist resources across the firm to inform our views across all asset classes.

Epco van der Lende
Co-Head of Multi-Asset Solutions
Epco van der Lende
Co-Head of Multi-Asset Solutions
Kej Somaia
Co-Head of Multi-Asset Solutions
Kej Somaia
Co-Head of Multi-Asset Solutions

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