All investors face two main challenges as they approach the end of the accumulation phase of their lives – they have more capital at risk and their investment horizon is always shortening as they get closer to retirement. This is where objective-based investing comes into play.

With its genesis in the aftermath of the GFC, an objective-based strategy can help investors smooth out market risk and ride out volatility, all the while staying the course for the long term.

In the video below, Kej Somaia, Senior Portfolio Manager Multi-Asset Solutions, explains the many advantages of having an objective-based multi-asset portfolio, which includes always being prepared for any kind of market correction.

Learn more about how an objective-based strategy can give investors "anything they want, just not everything they want".

Always be prepared for a market correction

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Markets aren’t static, so why should your asset allocation be?

Kej runs an objective-based approach to investing that combines the benefits of long-term asset allocation with dynamic short-term tilts to enhance returns and abate risks.

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Markets aren’t static, so why should your asset allocation be?