At AlbaCore, we focus on the long-term. As one of Europe’s leading alternative credit specialists, we invest in private capital solutions, opportunistic and dislocated credit, and structured products. 

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Specialist in Asia Pacific, China, India and South East Asia and Global Emerging Market equities.

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Our philosophy is very simple. We are constantly searching for high quality businesses and when we acquire them, we will work relentlessly with them to create long-term sustainable value through innovation, ESG-led and proactive asset management.

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formerly Realindex Investments

Leader in active quantitative equities across Australian equities, global equities, emerging markets and global small companies.

Backed by a unique blend of research, portfolio construction and risk management, focused on uncovering original insights and translating them into investment strategies that are active and systematic, aiming to generate alpha.

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At Stewart Investors, we believe in putting people first. Our investment world-view is of a series of partnerships – with each other, with our clients, with the companies we invest in, the people who buy their goods and services, and with the wider society in which we all live and work.

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Making a difference to the communities where we live, work and invest through philanthropy has been a focus for our business for over a decade. This is also an important part of our corporate value of ‘care’ to societies in which we operate.

First Sentier Foundation

The First Sentier Foundation (the Foundation) is our philanthropic initiative, founded in 2012. The Foundation is dedicated to building sustainable lives through education

Our philanthropic vision and mission is intrinsically linked to our work, including in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, financial literacy, modern slavery, and climate action.

Our vision

A world where each person’s education enables them to build a sustainable life – now and in the future.

Our mission

We fund work that supports people to gain the skills and knowledge to thrive throughout their life. We focus on supporting people of all ages who would not otherwise have these educational opportunities.

Our philanthropic partnerships

We aim to build strategic philanthropic partnerships with charities across the world that align with our vision and mission. We prioritise funding for organisations which address the root causes of educational inequality.

Below is a summary of the initiatives we fund with our current strategic partners.


Aidha logo


Aidha’s mission is to empower migrant domestic workers and low-income women in Singapore through financial education, to enable sustainable wealth creation and transform their lives. The Foundation will be funding a range of long-course modules that focus on money management, IT skills, informed financial decision-making and entrepreneurship.

Learn more about Aidha >


Children's Wishing Well logo

Children's Wishing Well

Children’s Wishing Well provides holistic education to children from low socioeconomic backgrounds in Singapore. The Foundation will support the Children's Enrichment Program, which is a structured program for children aged 7–12 that includes tuition support, non-academic electives, life skills workshops, mentoring, reading club and learning journeys.

Learn more about Children's Wishing Well >


Daughters Of Tomorrow logo

Daughters Of Tomorrow

Daughters Of Tomorrow facilitates livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women and support them in achieving financial independence and enable social mobility for their families. The Foundation has funded the ‘Transformation Fund (Next Gen)’ in Singapore, providing financial assistance, in the form of a bursary program, to ten young women from underprivileged communities to begin their tertiary education.

Learn more about Daughters Of Tomorrow >


Enrich logo


Enrich’s mission is to empower migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong to transform their lives through financial education. The Foundation will be funding initiatives that help migrant workers make informed decisions via financial literacy workshops, in-person and live-streamed seminars, outreach events and mentoring.

Learn more about Enrich >


Integrated Brilliant Education logo

Integrated Brilliant Education

Integrated Brilliant Education Limited aims to educate and empower underprivileged Non-Chinese Speaking children in Hong Kong for a better future. The Foundation will be funding the provision of teachers to support early childhood learning, primary- and secondary-level students.

Learn more about Integrated Brilliant Education >



Ardoch logo


Ardoch supports children and young people from disadvantaged communities to engage in learning and believe in a future of possibilities. The Foundation is supporting the Broadening Horizons program and the Education Volunteers program, two initiatives that will help to provide meaningful educational experiences and build engagement with literacy.

Learn more about Ardoch >


Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation logo

Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation assists people in Australia’s most marginalised communities to gain vital language, literacy and communication skills - specifically supporting First Nations, refugee and other vulnerable Australians. The Foundation will support The Early Language and Literacy (EL&L) program on NSW’s Mid-North Coast and The Breakfast Library in Western Sydney.

Learn more about Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation >


Indigenous Literacy Foundation logo

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation provides remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities with tools and resources that aim to improve their children’s literacy futures. The Foundation will be supporting three projects; supplying culturally relevant books, provide pre-school playgroups with early literacy learning kits and publishing a Community story in a home language.

Learn more about the Indigenous Literacy Foundation >


Prince's Trust Australia logo

Prince's Trust Australia

Prince's Trust Australia’s vision is that every young person should have the chance to succeed, regardless of their start to life. The Foundation will be supporting Get Into Maritime, a project that supports First Nations students interested in entering the maritime industry to develop skills, gain qualifications and create employment pathway opportunities for participants.

Learn more about Prince's Trust Australia >


Social Ventures Australia logo

Social Ventures Australia

Social Ventures Australia works with partners to alleviate disadvantage in Australia through innovative systems change. The Foundation is supporting The Connection STEM & Digital Literacy Hub, a network of high-performing educators from schools serving low socio-economic areas that promotes professional growth through collaboration, communication and problem-solving.

Learn more about Social Ventures Australia >


The Freedom Hub logo

The Freedom Hub

The Freedom Hub is on a mission to end modern slavery in Australia. The Foundation will be supporting the Survivor School Thrive Program in Western Sydney, whose goal is to build modern slavery survivors’ confidence and skills to be ready for future study or work. Program recipients will also have access to specialist trauma-informed psychological support.

Learn more about The Freedom Hub >



basis.point logo


basis.point has a vision where children in Ireland have the opportunity to reach their potential through education. As a Premier Patron, the Foundation will contribute to a fund that delivers educational programs that tackle complex issues in a child’s educational lifecycle such as literacy, STEM and financial literacy.

Learn more about basis.point >


Earthwatch Europe logo

Earthwatch Europe

Earthwatch Europe wants to create a world where we live in balance with nature, helping communities to protect the nature around them. The Foundation will be funding Teach Earth In the Field -  a residential training weekend for teachers from the UK’s underserved communities, held in nature and delivered via an outdoor approach to learning.

Learn more about Earthwatch Europe >


Plan International UK logo

Plan International UK

Plan International UK is working to make sure every child has the same chance in life. The Foundation is supporting the BOOST program, focused on building young women’s skills and confidence so that they are not limited by gender stereotypes when choosing school subjects or careers in traditionally male-dominated sectors, with a particular focus on those from low-income and diverse backgrounds.

Learn more about Plan International UK >


Prince's Trust logo

Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust was founded on a vision that every young person should have the chance to succeed, regardless of their start to life. The Foundation will be supporting the Achieve Programme, targeting students at risk of Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) who struggle with mainstream education, from schools in areas of deprivation by offering over 300 experiential and practical modules.

Learn more about the Prince's Trust >


Sutton Trust logo

The Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust was established to address educational disadvantage and promote social mobility from birth to the workplace. The Foundation will be funding their Pathways to Banking & Finance program, supporting high-achieving 16- to 18-year-old students from low socio-economic backgrounds to gain the skills, advice and experience to access top educational opportunities and careers in the finance sector.

Learn more about the Sutton Trust >



Let's Get Ready logo

Let's Get Ready

Let’s Get Ready provides students who are first-generation to college or from historically disinvested communities with the guidance and support needed to achieve their college aspirations. The Foundation will be providing funding to support their delivery of programs to New York-based high school and college students to support their higher education journey, help improve their SAT scores, prepare for college applications, apply for financial aid, enroll in college, and thrive and graduate from college.

Learn more about Let's Get Ready >


Prince's Trust USA logo

Prince's Trust USA

Prince’s Trust USA was founded on the vision that every young person should have the chance to succeed, regardless of their start to life. The Foundation will be supporting the Enterprise Challenge in New York, a 12-week school-based program for middle and high school students who are at risk of educational underachievement, to develop entrepreneurship skills through gamification and mentorship.

Learn more about Prince's Trust USA >


Scholarship America logo

Scholarship America

Scholarship America’s mission is to eliminate barriers to educational success so that any student can pursue their dream.  The Foundation will be contributing towards the Scholarship America Dream Award, which is uniquely impactful for students who have made it to college but need a hand along the way.

Learn more about Scholarship America >


Workplace giving

Staff donations

The Foundation runs matching schemes, matching employee’s personal donations, subject to conditions being met, to charitable causes they support. The Foundation also provides support to employees with staff giving campaigns and payroll giving schemes, where available.


In addition to providing funding to our strategic partners, we encourage staff to give back directly to the communities they live and work in. We provide all staff with three days of volunteering leave per year.

Our focus areas

Our Corporate Sustainability strategy is organised into four focus areas

Get in touch

Whether you have a general enquiry, or you're a registered charity interested in working with us, please contact us.