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At Stewart Investors, we believe in putting people first. Our investment world-view is of a series of partnerships – with each other, with our clients, with the companies we invest in, the people who buy their goods and services, and with the wider society in which we all live and work.

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Emerging Companies

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Our emerging companies team has a talent for finding businesses who are set up for success, and helping to fund their future. Senior Portfolio Managers Tim Canham and Wik Farwerck identify small, cashflow-positive companies who look set for big futures. The team’s active ownership philosophy means they go ‘on the journey’ with the companies they invest in - contributing to, and sharing in, their potential for long-term success.

Why invest with us in emerging companies?


The team’s investment philosophy is that companies generating consistent returns and reinvesting above their cost of capital provide greatest shareholder value.

  • By identifying small, fast-growing businesses to co-invest in, we help these companies to achieve their goals, while aiming to deliver long-term returns to investors.

  • A deep understanding of risk / return, coupled with strong relationships with management, allows the investment team to identify companies that have potential be successful over the long term.

  • The close and collaborative emerging companies team is led by two Senior Portfolio Managers who each research stocks and operate together to manage portfolios, supported by a dedicated Investment Analyst.

What are the risks?

Although all investments carry risk, the level of risk is dependent on the type of investment strategy and the underlying investments. Generally, the higher the potential return of an investment, the greater the risk.

The risks of investing in the Emerging Companies strategies include:

Company risk

Investment in equities is exposed to risks due to changes in that company or its business environment.

Equities risk

Equity securities are subject to changes in value, and their values may be more volatile than those of other asset classes.

Liquidity risk

Refers to the difficulty in selling an asset for cash quickly without an adverse impact on the price received. Under abnormal or difficult market conditions some normally liquid assets may become illiquid, restricting the Investment Manager’s ability to sell them and to make withdrawal payments or process switches (if applicable) for investors without a potentially significant delay.

As with any investment, there are no guarantees on the value of the investment or the income generated from it. Investors may get back less than the original amount invested. For a full description of the terms of investment and the risks, please see the Product Disclosure Statement for each fund. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of our funds for your investment needs, please seek financial advice.

Case study

Genex Power: all that glitters was once gold

Genex Power is making its mark in the energy sector with the Kidston Clean Energy Hub, located on two decommissioned gold-mining pits in Far North Queensland. Phase One of the hub - a large-scale solar farm - is already generating and exporting solar energy to the grid. The next, exciting phase of the project provides a way to store this energy, at a fraction of the price of the most common renewable energy storage (batteries)*. 

This innovative Pumped Hydro technology works by pumping water from a lower reservoir to an upper reservoir when energy is in surplus, then releasing that water to generate power at times of peak demand and peak price. This manages energy demand and makes solar and wind energy supply more stable.

The Kidston Hub has received funding from the Queensland Government, which designated it ‘critical infrastructure’. It has also received funding from  the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and a $619m debt facility from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund.

These votes of confidence from government are among the reasons for choosing to invest in Genex. Other attractive features are the company’s solid management team, innovative approach, and potential ability to deliver consistent earnings in coming decades.

As Australia seeks to tackle climate change by lowering emissions, Genex is an important piece in Queensland’s wholesale electricity puzzle: a well-run company making a real difference.


*Morgans estimates pumped gas is 1/10th of the cost of battery storage, Morgans Equity Research 3/10/18

Responsible investment

Our corporate responsible investment strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.

We consider ESG risks to be factors that may place business value at risk. Companies at risk are identified using both external providers and our own internally driven research, which is based on a systematic and extensive company meeting program. Company meetings provide us with the opportunity to engage on ESG issues and gain greater insight into potential risks and opportunities. It also provides us with the opportunity to positively influence companies towards ESG best practice where appropriate.

Learn more about the Emerging Companies team's approach to responsible investment

Meet the investment team

Tim Canham

Senior Portfolio Manager

Wik Farwerck

Senior Portfolio Manager

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