Specialist in Asia Pacific, Japan, China, India and South East Asia and Global Emerging Market equities.

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Stewart Investors manage investment portfolios on behalf of our clients over the long term and have held shares in some companies for over 20 years. They launched their first investment strategy in 1988.

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Leader in systematic equities across market cap weighted indices, smart beta and active quantitative strategies

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Realindex Investments

Realindex Investments

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Strategy Overview

Key Facts


Realindex know their numbers.

Here they share their systematic approach to crunching numbers in the investment world – and in everyday living. 


Transparent. Lower cost. A smarter way to invest.

Across Australian and global equities, Realindex adopts a systematic, rules-based approach to investing. Our strategies are lower cost, lower turnover and are tax efficient compared to traditional active investment approaches.

10+ years

We are one of Australia's longest running systematic beta and efficient implementation investors. Our 13 investment professionals have an average of 16 years' experience.

Strength of data

Our research analysis and product development combines in-house research with over 30 years of data for 60,000 equity securities across ~50 markets.

Customise your solutions

From ESG-aware products to global equities portfolios with value/quality tilts and exposures to low-carbon Australian small companies, we partner with clients to develop tailored solutions.

Why invest in Realindex?

  • Realindex has successfully developed and delivered investment solutions across a broad range of equity universes, including all-country world, developed and emerging markets, and Australian large and small companies.

  • Each of these factors are associated with particular market signals, derived from data in our database. These are aggregated into an extensive factor library that helps to broaden the application of our research and enhancements across countries, sectors and styles.

  • Realindex portfolios are transparent, lower cost, lower turnover and tax efficient.

How we invest in equities

Realindex Investments builds data sets, research and production systems to understand and exploit inefficiencies across a range of factors: value, quality, momentum, growth and ESG, in emerging and developed markets.

Responsible Investment

Our corporate RI strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.

ESG research has been and continues to be a strategic initiative for Realindex.  As a manager of systematic investment strategies, the degree to which ESG considerations are incorporated varies across strategies but in all cases investment stewardship considerations are paramount. We have undertaken a significant amount of research on systematically integrating ESG considerations into portfolios using our extensive database of ESG data and metrics licensed from third parties.  This research has been used to refine our investment process and develop customised client solutions.

Learn more about the Realindex Investments team's approach to Responsible Investment

Meet the Realindex team

Andrew Francis

Chief Executive Officer

David Walsh

Head of Investments

Raelene de Souza

Senior Portfolio Manager

Scott Hamilton

Senior Quantitative Analyst

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