Our Investment Approach

In addition to being objective-based, we believe there are several other key differentiators in our approach:

State-of-the-art quantitative tools blended with qualitative decision making

Research spans all elements of our teams’ activities and is the basis of portfolio design and implementation. We believe that all research should be developed internally and not be dependent on third party black boxes or processes. As such, all our tools and models are proprietary, and our scientific research process is designed to leverage our edge.

Internally generated research

Our investment strategy blends the qualitative views and experience of the team with the discipline and rigor of quantitative underpinnings. Purely quantitative models tend to occasionally suffer sharp drawdowns, while abandoning the discipline of a structured approach and becoming entirely qualitative leads to irreproducible results. We recognise that some things will never be quantifiable but can have a major impact on asset class returns, for example central bank personnel changes or political events.