Investment Approach

The consistent application of our rules-based approach, from research to portfolio construction and finally implementation, is testament to our ability to remain “true to label”.  We are able to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long term across the spectrum of our clients’ risk appetites and the specific universes they are targeting.

How we invest

Our library of quantitative signals coupled with a strong understanding of systematic, rules-based methodologies enables our flexible approach to research and product design. 

We appreciate that a broad range of investment solutions are necessary to meet the diverse investment objectives across our clients and, as such, we believe that flexibility is an important part of our investment capability. 

The flexibility of our approach

Realindex has a track record of successfully developing and delivering investment solutions across a diverse range of equity universes, including all world, developed and emerging markets, and Australian large and small companies.  These solutions cover the risk spectrum, ranging from passive institutional mandates through to more active portfolios.  Examples include:-

  • Efficient implementation of standard market cap indexed portfolios, which may incorporate, for institutional clients, a range of additional customisations including ESG screens and regional/sectoral/style tilts.
  • Active equity strategies that are dynamically positioned for market events such as dividend payments, reporting season changes and other news events.