The Realindex Advantage

1.    Efficient implementation

Our dedicated team of portfolio managers focus on the efficient implementation of our various investment strategies. We can deliver the benefits of traditional index investing including competitive fees, lower turnover, broad market exposure and/or minimal capacity constraints while meeting our clients’ diverse investment objectives.

2.    Research driven continuous improvement

By regularly reviewing and evaluating the methodologies and factors we draw upon in portfolio design and construction, we continuously enhance our investment process. Our research insights are aggregated into an extensive factor library that helps to further broaden the application of our enhancements across countries, sectors and styles.

3.    Smarter ways to invest

Acknowledging the advantages of traditional market capitalisation indexing, we also look to overcome potential performance drags that arise from such methodologies such as overweight allocations to expensive companies.

Drawing on our research, we aim to consistently develop smarter portfolio strategies, which use systematic rules to target specific factors.  For example, our portfolios may be accounting measures weighted (such as sales, cash-flow, dividends), equally weighted (allocating equal money amounts to each asset) or target lower volatility (weighting towards less volatile assets).

Systematically applying enhancements across our equity products enables us to improve client outcomes via the risk/return spectrum.

4.   Support of First Sentier Investors

Leveraging the global resources of First Sentier Investors ensures our strategies are managed efficiently, according to client needs and industry regulations and standards.  Resources include global dealing desks; dedicated systems and technology; and the large experienced middle office, compliance and administration teams.