Investment Opinion Network

Via our ION system, our investment team have full insight into the research and decision-making process that impacts our portfolios. The transparency of the system ensures that any member of the fixed income team globally is able to review research on any alpha source (above benchmark returns). This ensures open and honest transparency is ingrained in the investment process for all of our investors.

We have pioneered a system that allows our investment managers to leverage the research and investment decisions of global peers within our fixed income and multi-asset teams; identifying risks and most importantly, new and diverse drivers of alpha.

ION brings together data on global interest rates, currency, credit, and individual issuers in developed and emerging markets. Unique from other research warehouses, ION communicates an investment signal sent by our specialists representing a recommended long or short position. ION, in effect, creates a virtual global trading floor for all investment specialists by supporting a common investment signal communication framework and its supporting research. With a history of stored investment decisions and supporting research, investment results can be measured and reflected on with the goal of continuous improvement.